The Cabri G2 is unique having no finite life dynamic or static components. All items are ‘on condition’, except the Lycoming engine and the main rotor gearbox. The design and all the parts are EASA 27/FAR 27 compliant. Cabri G2 is the only piston helicopter to achieve that certification. Click here to read more about the criteria.

The cockpit monitor screen (EPM) is a multi function digital display containing engine temperatures and pressures, carburetor heat, EGT Time, RRPM & ERPM, manifold pressure and a digital fuel readout with actual or average burn rate in litres per hour. The screen has a backup system (BARC) that activates in an unlikely event of  EPM failure.

Fenerston Tail Rotor40% of accidents in flight are caused by tail rotor strikes, which can be avoided with the unique fenestron system. The cabron fibre blades are super resilient to dust and rain.The system itself requires very little maintenance as components are maintained on condition. A significant noise reduction is also achieved over conventional tail rotors.

The luggage compartment has a 200 litre capacity, and can accomodate the luggage of two people, including two airline cabin-size suitcases, and smaller items on its shelf. All that, plus the ground handling wheels. The compartment's shelf is accessible in flight, allowing access to smaller items such as a sweater or a camera. 

The Cabri G2 has been in testing for 8 years. The technologies and features built into the Cabri G2
will keep it decades ahead of the competition, and future development will ensure Cabri G2 remains at the top.

Technology - Cabri G2


The Cabri G2 is available with gray or beige leather interior as standard.


Airspeed limitations
Cruise Speed - 85kt
Vne - 130kt

Approved grade AVGAS 100LL
Maximum fuel capacity  170 L (45 U.S. gal)
Usable fuel quantity 168.5 L (44.6 U.S. gal)

Outside air temperature limitation
Maximum temperature ISA + 30°C limited to + 45°C 
Minimum operating temperature -20°C
Minimum storage temperature -30°C
Altitude limitation
Maximum operating altitude (Zp)  13 000 ft


The exhaust silencer makes the Cabri one of the quietest two seaters available on the market today. At 100kt straight and level cabri has a noise footprint of 75.7db, well bellow its competitors.