Philippe Colonge

Training manager, former chief-pilot with Mont-Blanc Helicopteres (large French operator) 
Flight instructor and examiner – piston, turbine, single and twins. 
Helicopter manager at French DGAC’s “Office du controle en vol” (Independent in-flight control board)

“A helicopter pilot for nearly 30 years, rated on many single and twins, flight instructor and examiner for piston and turbine helicopters, I was hooked by the Cabri flight qualities at my first trial.

The technical solutions selected by its manufacturer [Guimbal] greatly improve the safety over existing light helicopters. 
The aircraft is beautiful, easy to operate and has good performance. Its man/machine interface is outstanding, and the flight control ergonomics are excellent. 
The flight management is made easy thanks to the clear and accurate display of limitations and flight parameters. 
Emergency manoeuvres like the autorotation are easy to performe and to demonstrate in the Cabri G2.

The Cabri G2 will delight the novice pilot, as well as the instructor willing to share his knowledge and love of flight. It’s a remarkably well built helicopter.”


Olivier Gensse

Experimental Flight test pilot
Helicopter airline pilot
Flight instructor and examiner – piston, turbine, single and twins

“At last! A helicopter in this range with the safety criteria of the biggest! 
The Cabri G2 is small, but has a spacious cabin. 
It is very manoeuvrable, with incredibly powerful rotors.

From the young pilot to the experienced instructor, the Cabri, thanks to its immense margins, is perfectly suited for everybody to enjoy. 
Definitely modern, it is ready help you achieve your dreams. 
Enjoy flying!”




Dennis Kenyon

Flight instructor
Former freestyle champion
Aviation writer and journalist

“I found Mr. Guimbal’s neat design an absolute delight to fly.
Smooth, well harmonized controls, firm directional handling and undoubtedly the best ‘auto rotational’ handling available on any light helicopter.”